KDU University College

As a pioneer in private, tertiary education in the region, KDU University College sets itself apart by providing superior learning experiences in the best environment possible and producing career-ready graduates. With more than 48,000 alumni, KDU has built a strong presence in the region and continues to inspire its students to greater heights.

KDU is a bustling hub, with students from over 45 countries throughout the world, and its corridors are teemed with thousands of spirited and hopeful youths from many cultures, all here to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to help them face the robust challenges of a fast-changing world.

Our belief

Over the years, KDU may have grown in size and strength, but its commitment remains the same: to provide quality education. We believe in driving the dreams and inspiration of the upcoming generation, who are soon to be future leaders.

“Driving Dreams"

This is not just KDU’s tagline, but it embodies its mission to provide superior learning experiences in a caring and conducive environment for its students to realise their full potential. Here at KDU, the lessons are learnt but the people are celebrated for the inspiration they bring to each other.


KDU University College (KDU UC) Damansara Jaya Campus, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Situated along the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) highway, KDU UC Damansara Jaya campus prides itself on its 26-year proven track record and has a reputation built on quality, innovation and integrity. Besides having strong collaboration with top universities in Australia, Switzerland, the USA and the UK, KDU is also the licensed centre for the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers program. The Damansara Jaya campus houses the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, the School of Engineering, the School of Computing and Creative Media, the School of Communication and Creative Arts, the School of Pre-University and the Professional Accountancy Centre.

KDU University College Section 13 campus, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Located a mere six kilometres away from the Damansara Jaya campus, the new Section 13 campus in Petaling Jaya, Selangor  was acquired to accommodate KDU’s growing number of students and houses the School of Law and the School of Business and Social Sciences, as well as the Center for American Education.

Vision and Mission


  • To be the premier learning organisation that sparks curiosity, inspires success and promotes responsibility.


  • We inspire students and staff to lead, share and serve.
  • We create a community in which learning, teaching, research and publication are encouraged, enabled and enjoyed.
  • We encourage critical thinking, independent learning and creative problem-solving.
  • We nurture individuals to be ethical and responsible citizens.
  • We share our success with stakeholders and the community we serve.

Academic strength

KDU University College’s focus is to produce work-ready graduates who are grounded with a strong foundation in character and knowledge in their specialisation.

We offer a range of programs under our schools:

  • American Degree Program
  • School of Pre-University Studies
  • School of Business and Law 
  • School of Communication and Creative Arts
  • School of Computing and Creative Media
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts 
  • Professional Accountancy Centre

Partner universities

KDU’s close collaboration with its top-ranking foreign university partners also ensures students of globally recognised bachelor degree and master degree qualifications that are equivalent to those awarded by the partners’ home campuses. KDU students thus have the best of both worlds at their doorstep.

Pre University

  • KDU Foundation Studies (Science/Business)
  • Cambridge International Examinations - GCE A Level (Humanities/Science/Pre-Law)
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Year (Commerce/Science)
  • Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)


American Degree Program

Transfer credits to a US university to earn a degree in the following:

  • Business
  • Liberal Arts/ Humanities
  • Science


Business & Law

  • KDU Diploma in Business Administration
  • KDU Diploma in Accountancy
  • KDU Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Accounting/Economics/Finance/Human Resource Management/Logistics/Management/Marketing)
  • KDU Bachelor of Business (Honours) with Law (Economics/Finance/Human Resource Management/Management/Marketing/Law)
  • Keele University 3+0 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Business Management and Finance/Business Management and Marketing/Business Management and Human Resource Management)
  • Oxford Brookes University 2+1 Bachelor of Law (Honours)
  • University of London, Bachelor of Law (Honours)


Communication & Creative Arts

  • KDU Diploma in Mass Communication
  • KDU Diploma in Entertainment Arts
  • KDU Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design
  • KDU Bachelor of Communication (Honours) (Corporate Communication/Advertising Media Management/Journalism/Media Marketing/Visual Communication)


Computing & Creative Media

  • KDU Foundation Studies (for Arts & Technology)
  • KDU Diploma in Computer Studies
  • KDU Diploma in Business Computing
  • KDU Bachelor of Computing (Honours) (Multimedia Technology/Networking/Mobile Computing/Computer Security)
  • KDU Bachelor of Game Development (Honours) (Game Art/Game Design/Game Technology)
  • Northumbria University 3+0 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing Studies



  • KDU Foundation in Engineering
  • KDU Diploma in Telecommunication & Computer Engineering
  • KDU Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • KDU Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Electrical Power Engineering/Electronic Engineering/Communication Engineering)
  • Northumbria University 3+0 Bachelor of Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts

  • KDU Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • KDU Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Honours) in Corporate Communication
  • KDU Bachelor of Culinary Management (Honours) (Culinary Operations/Baking and Pastry)
  • IMI Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management
  • IMI 3+0 Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel and Tourism Management (Hotel & Tourism Management/Events Management/European Culinary Management)
  • IMI MBA in Hospitality Business Management in collaboration with IMI University Centre, Switzerland


Language & Professional Development

  • Certificate in Intensive English
  • IELTS Preparatory Courses
  • CIDTT Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers Training


Professional Accountancy

  • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
  • Association of Charted Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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